Time Errors

So I noticed that my comment on the NetBSD entry was dated in the future. So I checked the time zone in my WordPress settings, and it was still on UTC. However, after fixing that, the time was still wrong. So I looked at the time on my VM, which was off (I guess virtual machines don’t keep very good time when the uptime gets to be about a year or so.) So I tried to install ntpdate on my VM, only to find out that Debian has ended long term support for Debian 6 (squeeze-lts) as of this month.

So now I’ve got to update the OS on my virtual machine. Last time I tried that, it didn’t boot and I had to start over from scratch. This time I think I’m going to just install the new kernel, try to reboot, watch the Xen console and go back to the old kernel if it doesn’t boot. Also, I need to setup some kind of backup system for my VM anyway.

So this could be an interesting experiment. Also there may be some down time. (Although I hope not, ’cause it’s really inconvenient when my email server is offline.)